Активизация тематической лексики в устной речи учащихся в диалогической и монологической форме в процессе развития иноязычной коммуникативной компетенции школьников.

Формирование коммуникативных умений и речевых навыков, обеспечивающих устно-речевое общение в рамках заданной ситуации.

Приобретение учащимися лингвострановедческих знаний.

Развитие творческих способностей учащихся и умения работать в команде.

Ход урока

Guide: Ladies and Gentlemen! In a few minutes our plane will take off in London. Our flight from Sheremetyevo to Heathrow Airport lasts 3 hours. I promise our trip will be very interesting. But before the departure let's go to the customs.

At Customs.

Customer: Where are you from?

Pupils: We are form Russia.

Customer: Are you travelling with the group?

Pupils: Yes, we are.

Customer: What is the purpose of your visit?

One of the pupils: we are going to meet the English people, master our English and visit famous sights of London.

Customer: So, have a good time in Great Britain. Let's go to the plane.

At Plane.

Guide: The topic of our lesson is "Learning more about London". We shall speak about its geography, its people and their traditions and culture, about beautiful sights of London.

Let's do phonetic drill and remember the English sounds. (слайд 3)

Make up the word combinations using these words.

Let's learn to pronounce the names of places of interest of London. You can find them in ex. 17 page 66. (Student's Book. Biboletova M. Z. "Enjoy English" 5-6 forms).Lsten to the speaker and repeat the word combinations after him.

Put the letters into the right order and make up the words. (слайд 4)

Say the word which doesn't belong to the line. (слайд 5)

Find the word with general meaning. (слайд 6)

Define the place of interest according to the statement.

museum 2. theatre 3. art gallery. 4. stadium. 5. cinema

: is a place where people watch plays.

: is a place where people watch sporting events.

: is a place where people watch films.

: is a place where people can see collections of important things.

:. Is a place where people can see paintings and sculptures

Guide: I hope you know a lot about the UK. Let's speak about it. Ask some questions about the UK to each other please.

Pupil 1: What is the full name of Great Britain and Northern Ireland? (слайд 7)

Pupil 2: Where is the UK situated?

Pupil 3: How many islands are there in the British Isles?

Pupil 4: What are the main islands in the British Isles?

Pupil 5: What are the parts of the UK?

Pupil 6: What is the climate of Great Britain?

Pupil 7: What is the official language of the UK?

Pupil 8: What is the British national flag?

Pupil 9: What are the symbols of England?

Pupil 10: Who is the Head of state?

Pupil 11: What is the heart of Britain? (слайд 8)

At the Airport.

Guide: Ladies and Gentlemen! We welcome you to London. London is one of the largest cities in the world. About seven million people live here. It is two thousand years old. There are a lot of places of interest in London, which attract thousands of tourists every year. London's most famous sights are Tower Bridge, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square and Westminster Abbey. You will see all these places and much more of London from our red double-decker. (слайд 9)

At the Double-decker. (слайды в презекнтации)

Pupil 1: We start from Trafalgar Square. In the centre there is a statue of Admiral Nelson.

Pupil 2: To the left you can see the National Gallery. It has a fine collection of European paintings.

Pupil 3: Now we are coming to Piccadilly Circus. It is a meeting point of six streets.

Pupil 4: We've just passed Piccadilly Circus and now we are making our way to Buckingham Palace. When the Queen is in London, she stays there. Look, they are changing the Guard. It happens every day at 11:30 a.m.

Pupil 5: In front of you there are the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. The country's leaders speak in the Houses of Parliament. The Houses of Parliament stand near the river Thames.

Pupil 6: Big Ben is one of the most famous clocks in the world. Big Ben is really a bell. You hear it every hour. It weights 13,720 kilograms.

Pupil 7: In a moment you will see Westminster Abbey. It is a symbol of England. Westminster Abbey was founded by St. Peter. The coronation of all British Kings and Queens takes place in Westminster Abbey. Some famous English people are buried here.

Pupil 8: Now we are crossing Tower Bridge over the river Thames. You can see the Tower of London. The Tower is very old. It has a long and cruel history. The White Tower is the oldest part of the Tower of London. The Bloody Tower is near the river.

Pupil 9: We are now going along Oxford Street. It is London's main shopping center. You can buy clothes, shoes and toys here. We will stop here so you can go shopping.

Guide: Some students have lost during the trip. Let's listen to the dialogues.

(The dialogues from ex. 26 p. 69).

Guide: Now let's have a rest. Stand up. Repeat after me.

Up and down, up and down, this is the way to London town.

Guide: You have just visited some interesting places in London. Let's see how well you know them. Match the sights and their descriptions. (слайд 20)

1. Buckingham Palace  a. is one of the royal parks

2 London       b. is the English flag

3. The Houses of Parliament       c. . is the place where the Queen lives.

4. Heathrow Airport     d. is a place where some famous English people are buried

5. Oxford Street   e. is famous for a fine collection of European paintings.

6. The National Gallery f. is really a bell

7. St.James's Park g. is the capital of England

8. The White Tower     h. is the head of the state

9. The Tower of London      i. are the symbols of England

10. Westminster Abbey      j. is the seat of the country's leaders

11. Elizabeth II    k.. is London's main shopping centre

12. Big Ben   l. is a meeting point of six streets

13. The Union Jack      m. has a long and cruel history

14 Piccadilly Circus      n. is the oldest part of the Tower of London

15. Red Rose and the Lion  is the main London's airport

Guide: Say whether my statements are true or false.

The Union Jack is the flag of Russia. F

The Bloody Tower is the oldest part of the Tower of London. F

Moscow is the capital of England. F

Elizabeth II is the Queen of England. T

The Houses of Parliament is the place where the Queen lives. F

The Changing of the Guard happens every day at 11.30 T

The coronation of all British Kings and Queens takes place in Westminster Abbey. T

Big Ben is really a bell. T

London is one thousand years old. T

There are a lot of places of interest in London. T

Guide: Let's answer some Questions about sights of London

What is the name of the famous clock in London?

How often can you hear Big Ben?

How much does the big bell weigh?

Who founded Westminster Abbey?

Where does the Queen of Britain stay when she is in London?

Where does the coronation of all British Kings and Queens take place?

What is the oldest part of the Tower of London?

When does the Changing of the Guard happen?

Guide: Now let's make a report about London. Put in the 10 missing words from the list given below. (слайд 21)

London is the : of Great Britain. It is a very : city. It was founded about two thousand : ago. London is one of the most : and interesting:.. in Europe. There are : of : to visit in London. There are a lot of :, art ,,, ,cinemas, theatres and : parks in London.

Cities, countries, capital, famous, places, museums, years, hundred,

popular, opera, old, lots, galleries, lovely, important.

Guide: Now, check up what you have learnt about these sights, how attentive you are. Answer the questions, making a circle the right variant (the pupils are doing a test on the paper-sheets).


1. Big Ben is :.

a palace

a bell (clock)

a square

a church

2. The Queen lives in :

Tower of London

Buckingham Palace

Westminster Abbey

3. The oldest part of the Tower of London is:

the White Tower

the Bloody Tower

the Green Tower

4. The country's leaders sit at:

Buckingham Palace

Houses of Parliament

Tower of London

5. A symbol of England is:

The Tower of London

Big Ben

Westminster Abbey

6. In Trafalgar Square there is a monument of:

The Queen of England

St. Peter

Admiral Nelson

7. Changing the Guard happens every day at:

11:30 a.m.

11:00 p.m.

10:30 a.m

Guide: Now give your hand-outs to your classmates and check the answers.

Guide: Travellers from all over the world noticed different characteristics about the British character. British people are self-disciplined, polite and friendly. What is your opinion about the British people?

Pupil 1: As the weather in Britain is mild, British people do the gardening almost all the year round. Sometimes they grow vegetables and fruit. Pupil 2: The English are a nation of stay-at-homes. There is no place like home, they say. Pupil 3: Cycling is a very popular activity. Some people prefer rock climbing. Pupil 4: Many people go to the gym, swimming pool or fitness classes. Pupil 5: Some people prefer traveling abroad, to France, Greece, Spain where the climate is warm and dry.

Pupil 6: Fish and chips is the classic English take-away food. Pupil 7: The British drink about 2 billion cups of tea a day. They drink green and black tea, with milk and without it. Pupil 8: London taxi drivers know the city very well. They study two years and memorize 25000 streets.

Guide: You know that the British people often like to talk about weather.

Let's listen to some dialogues.

1. -It's rather dull and looks like rain.

- Yes, dark clouds appeared in the sky and the wind is getting stronger.

- I think it will rain soon.

2. Have you heard the weather forecast for tomorrow?

Yes, I've just heard it.

What does it say?

Rain and strong wind in the morning, then some fog, sunny periods in the afternoon.

Guide: What sight of London would you like to visit? Why?

Now let's divide into groups. Your task is to arrange the sentences about the sights of London in the right order.

It is next to the Tower of London.(3)

This is Tower Bridge, built in 1894. (1)

It is one of the famous bridges across the Thames. (2)

It opens and ships go up and down the River Thames.(4)

5. You are welcome to visit famous Tower Bridge! (5)

A lot of tourists go to Buckingham Palace.(3)

This is Buckingham Palace-the place where British kings and queens live when they are in London. (1)

3. Don't miss your chance to visit Buckingham Palace. (5)

4. Important visitors often go to the palace. They meet Queen Elizabeth and the royal family inside the palace. (2)

They stand outside and see the Changing of the Guard.(4)

It was founded in 1753.(3)

You are welcome to the British Museum! (5)

The British Museum is one of the world-famous museums. (2)

5. If you are interested in history, you should visit The British Museum!(1)

It contains (содержать) the most important collections of books, manuscripts (рукописи), maps (карты), coins (монеты) and medals.(4)

There are about 8,000 animals.(4)

The London Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the world.(2)

The capital of London has something for you! (1)

More than two million people visit the zoo every year.(5)

5. Welcome to the London Zoo! (6)

It was opened in 1828.(3)

Guide: Some people say it's better to visit once than to hear about something..

Now you are going to present your sight and prove that it is worth seeing.

Make your advertisement and draw the picture of this sight.

We advise you to visit:.

Guide: I hope we had a wonderful trip. Now express your impression, please (Ребята прикрепляют знаки, находящиеся у них в конверте на доску).

pink              SUPER!

violet            COOL!

green           FANTASTIC!

orange         So-so

Guide: Your hometask will be to write the letter to your pen friend and fill in the missing words.

This is the end. I hope you liked your visit to London. And you have learned more about London and its sights.

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