Форма проведения – внеклассное мероприятие.

Цели: 1. Повторение пройденного учебного материала в неформальной обстановке при помощи игр и конкурсов.

2.Подведение итогов проведенной учебной работы на данном этапе обучения английскому языку.

3.Повышение интереса учащихся к английскому языку;

Задачи: активизировать страноведческий материал по теме «Великобритания»;

систематизировать знания о географическом положении и  политическом устройстве Соединенного королевства, его достопримечательностях и символах;

воспитывать чувство уважения к стране  изучаемого языка.

Оборудование: мультимедийная установка

Оформление: презентация

Место проведения: мультимедийный кабинет


Teacher: - Dear friends! Today we have a special day, we have a quiz. Seven teams will take part in the game. Every team can take a chance to win.You will get one point for each correct answer.The team, which gets more points, will win. Get ready to answer. We begin our game!


1.What is the official language in Great Britain?

a) Italian b) French c) Chinese d) English

2.Great Britain is divided into …

a) five parts b) four parts c) three parts d) two parts

3.The capital of the Great Britain is …

a) Paris b) Moscow c) London d) Glasgow

4. England is in …

a) America b) Africa c) Asia d) Europe

5. The name of the river in London is …

a) the Volga b) the Thames c) the Nile d) the Dnepr

6.Who is the head of Great Britain?

a) the Prince b) the Princess c) the Tsar d) the Queen

7. You can get from Russia to Great britain by…

a) car b) bus c) plane d) bicycle

Teacher: You will get two points for each correct answer in the second round.


1. Big Ben is …

a) a horse  b) an animal in the zoo c) a clock  d) a famous name

2. What is Picadilly Circus?

a) a circus b) a square c) a street d) a house

3. What can you see in the Trafalgar square?

a) King statue b) Queen memorial c) Nelson statue d) King memorial

4. Where is London’s Zoo?

a) in Hyde park b) in Regent’s park  c) in St.James’ park d) in Central park

5.Where can you say everything you want?

a) Regent’s park b)  St.James’ park c) Hyde park  d) Central park

6. Where can you see pelicans and ducks?

a) in Hyde park b) in Central park c) in Regent’s park d) in St.James’ park

7. The British Parliament is in …

a) the Buckingham Palace b) the Houses of Parliament c) Backer Street d) Westminster Abbey

Teacher: You will get three points for each correct answer in the next round.


1.Picadilly Circus is the meeting point of …

a) four streets b) six streets c) five streets d) seven streets

2. What is the Tower of London now?

a) a prison b) a museum c) a house d) a fortress

3. The legend says that without them the Tower will fall. They are…

a) the pigeons b) the cats c) the squirrels d) the ravens

4. The Raven Master is the person who …

a) is the main raven b) kills the ravens c) feeds the ravens d) eats the ravens

5. Westminster Abbey is …

a) the chappel b) the monastery c) the inn d) the royal church

6. Where are the tombs of many British kings and queens and other famous people?

a) in the Tower of London b) on the cemetry c) on the river bank d) in Westminster Abbey

7. Covent Garden is now …

a) a cinema b) a fruit garden c) the theatre d) a tourist shopping centre

Teacher: You will get four points for each correct answer in the next round.


1.The changing of guard happens every day at …

a) 10 o’clock b) 11 o’clock c) 12 o’clock d) 13 o’clock

2. The name of the palace where the Queen lives is …

a) the Tower of London b) the white House c) the Winsor Palace d) The Buckingham Palace

3. When can you see the flag over the Queen’s Palace?

a) when she is out b) when she is abroad c) when she has a party d) when she is at home

4. Sir Christopher Wren built …

a) Westminster Abbey b) the Parliament c) St.Pauls cathedral d) the Tower of London

5. London is more than …

a) one thousand years old b) two thousand years old c) three thousand years old d) four thousand years old

6.The flag of the United Kingdom is known as …

a) the Stars and Stripes b) the Union Jack c) the Union John d) the Union George

7. In what country do men wear skirts?

a) France b) England c) Scotland d) Norway

Teacher: You will get five points for each correct answer in the next round.


1.A red rose is known as  a national emblem of …

a) England b) Wales c) Scotland d) Ireland

2. A national emblem of Ireland is …

a) a daffodil b) a shamrock c) a leek d) a thistle

3. … is a national emblem of Scotland.

a) a rose b) a daffodil c) a thistle d) a leek

4.This is a flag of …

a) England b) Wales c) Ireland d) Scotland

5. This is a flag of …

a) Wales b) England c) Ireland d) Scotland

6. This is a flag of …

a) Scotland b) Wales c) Ireland d) England

7. This is a flag of …

a) Ireland b) Scotland c) Wales d) England

Teacher: Our game is over. Which of teams has more points?

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