Exercise 1. State the morphological composition of the following adjectives.

Pretty, bushy, weather-stained, thoughtful, hard-hearted, illegitimate, sober, non-party, low-bred, improbable, sceptical, counter-revolutionary, careworn, beloved, wicked, disobedient, long-legged, regular, water-proof, large, well-timed, homeless, shaky, courageous, panic-stricken, blindfold, Portuguese, newly-baked, antique, peace-making, forlorn, illegible, abundant, red-haired, small, deep-blue, bookish, snow-white, respectable-looking.

Exercise 2. Give the comparative and superlative degrees.

Cosy, merciful, bad, complete, fat, cheap, big, clumsy, stupid, far, miserable, narrow, virtuous, simple, merry, regular, expensive, low, deep, sad, significant, bitter, intimate, lazy, old, serious, tiny, clever, little, considerate, gay, good, much, dark, beautiful, dear, fit.

Exercise 3. Use the adjective in the comparative or superlative degree.

1. They had dined well and were now drinking hard... their faces getting __ and __ (red, red) (Priestley) 2. Was there anything in the world __ than indecision? (bad) (Galsworthy)3. He was only five years __ than I was, which made him forty-five, (young) (Snow)4. He loved his brother and he had done his brother what people seemed to consider __ of wrongs, (bitter) (Greene)5. __ sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them, (bad) (Shaw)6. He had been a great fencer, before the war, __ fencer in Italy, (great) (Hemingway)7. She is stopping at one of __ hotels in town, (good) (Saroyan)8. Difficult to believe it was so long ago, he felt young still! Of all his thoughts this was __, __ With his white head and his loneliness he had remained young and green at heart, (poignant, bitter) (Galsworthy)9. She received congratulations as if she were __ of women, (happy) (Hansford Johnson)10. Kate remembered the little general; he was a good deal __ than herself, (small) (Lawrence) .11. I think we'll resume the conversation when you're a little __, Caroline, (calm) (Maugham)12. They had never made __ pretence of believing him. (little) (Greene)13. Things went from bad to __ (bad) (Saroyan)14. He took his trinkets, carried them to the __ pawnshop he could find, and being offered forty-five dollars for the lot, took it. (presentable) (Dreiser)15. He felt her breathing grow — and __ (slow, easy) (Cusdck) 16. To be ashamed of his own father is perhaps __ experience a young man can go through. (bitter) (Galsworthy)17. It's __ in here than it is on the street. (hot) (Salinger)18. I think you're about __ girl in school, (pretty) (/. Shaw)19. All his life he had taken pains to be __, __ than his fellows, (strong, brave) (Saroyan)20. From that moment may be dated the downfall of __ and __ of the Indian nations, that existed within the limits of the present United States, (great, civilized) (Cooper) 21. Mr. Micawber, under pretence of showing me a __ way than that by which I had come, accompanied me to the corner of the street, (near) (Dickens)22. He would walk here and there and be no __ than an ant in an ant hill, (conspicuous) (Greene)23. We slept in a double-bedded room, which was __ that the little country inn could do for us. (good) (Conan Doyle)24. This is Sam Penty one of our __ artists, (good) (Priestley)



Exercise 4. Translate into English.

1. Киев — более древний город, чем Москва; это один из древнейших городов России. 2. В XVI веке Испания была самой могущественной державой мира. 3. Волга длиннее Днепра; это самая длинная река Европы. 4. Ватикан — самое маленькое государство в Европе. 5. Одной из важнейших проблем сегодняшнего дня является установление прочного и длительного мира. 6. Условия жизни трудящихся в странах социалистического лагеря значительно лучше, чем в странах капиталистического лагеря. 7. Можно надеяться, что в ближайшем будущем культурные связи с Англией будут еще более тесными. 8. Точка кипения (the boiling point) спирта ниже точки кипения воды. 9. Платина тяжелее золота; это один из самых тяжелых металлов. 10. Утро было прекрасное, но к вечеру погода стала хуже, ветер усилился, и темные тучи покрыли небо.

Exercise 5. Point out all the substantivised adjectives and state whether they are wholly or partially substantivised.

1. He basked in the company of the young. (Snow)2. We must take the bitter along with the sweet. (Reade)3. She warned the domestics not to touch the child, as Mrs. Osborne might be offended. (Thackeray)4. It was a surprise to the optimistic: but it was even more of a surprise to the experienced. (Snow)5. Oh, I know he is a right good fellow, but it belongs to the rank of the impossible. (Meade)6. Imogen turning her luscious glance from one to the other of the "old dears", only smiled. (Galsworthy)7. How do I know what's gone on between you? The rights and the wrongs of it. I don't want to know. (A. Wilson)8. Willoughby was wearing greens, garrison hat, and all his ribbons. (Heym)9. They were like poor savages confronted with a beautiful white girl. (Murdoch)10. This year I covered half the world and saw people in such numbers — it seems to me I saw everybody but the dead. (Bellow)11. But they had been such innocents then I (Galsworthy)12. He was, as they saw it, part of the rich and superior class and every poor man knew what that meant. The poor must stand together everywhere. (Dreiser)13. I was soon to discover that Gevaert was never interested in what "inferiors" had to say. (Clark)




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