Exercise 1. Point out the words denoting state. Translate into Russian.

1. The afternoon was full of transfiguring sunshine, some Judas trees were abloom in the villa gardens... (Wells) 2. I did not mind for myself. I should not have cared if had been alone. (Du Maurier)3....his soul was all ablaze with bliss... (Twain)4. We are not afraid of the truth. (Gow and D’Usseau)5. The rest of his costurne... were the things he had worn at the funeral of his father. So nearly akin are human joy and sorrow. (Wells)6. The lieutenant... Jay asleep on the other bed. (Hemingway)7. He lit a pool of paraffin on the scullery floor and instantly a nest of wavering blue flame became agog for prey. (Wells)8, He [Mr. Polly] rattled and stormed and felt the parlour already ablaze behind him. (Wells)9. But Mr. Polly's establishment looked more like a house afire than most houses on fire contrive to look from start to finish. (Wells)10. You know- everything there is to know about me. There's not much, because I have not been alive for wery long. (Du Maurier)П. He did not answer. I was aware again of that feeling of discomfort. (Du Maurier)



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