Exercise 1. State the morphological composition oi the following conjunctions.

For, as well as, unless, now that, and, neither... nor, while, although, not only... but also, provided, as though, supposing, no sooner... than, or, so that, if, both... and, as long as, so, either... or, as... as, when, until, before, after, as if, as soon as, lest, for fear that, notwithstanding, nor.

Exercise 2. Point out all the coordinating conjunctions and define the group each belongs to.

1. The stranger had not gone far, so he made after him to ask the name. (Dickens)2. Be quick, or it may be too late. (Dickens)3....real accuracy and purity she neither possessed, nor in any number of years would acquire. (Ch. Bronte)4....Mrs. Septimus Small let fall no word, neither did she question June about him. (Galsworthy)5. The river was not high, so there was not more than a two or three mile current. (Twain)6. It seemed to him that he could contrive to secure for her the full benefit of both his life insurance and his fire insurance... (Wells) 7. Karl is solid and extremely certain of himself, while Joseph on the other hand, though no less certain of himself, is a good deal less solid. (Saroyan)8. He could see no one, and he began to believe that either his instinct had deceived him, or else that the shadowing was over. (Greene)9. But for a long time we did not see any lights, nor did we see the shore, but rowed steadily in the dark riding with the waves. (Hemingway)

Exercise 3. Point out all the subordinating conjunctions and say what kind of subordinate clauses they introduce.

1. She stood quite silent while Butler appealed to her. (Dreiser) 2. Since Miss Wilfer rejected me, I have never again urged my suit. (Dickens)3. Whenever I looked at Susan she gave me a frank full-hearted smile. (Braine) 4. So the tiny woman closed the shutter of the cottage window and fastened the door, and trembling from head to root for fear that any one should suspect her, opened a very secret place, and showed the Princess a shadow. (Dickens)5. And yet tired though he was after his three long days, Soames dreaded the moment when the car should stop. (Galsworthy)6. I extinguished my taper, locked my bureau, and left her, since she would not leave me. (Ch. Bronte)7. Once they reached the open country the car leapt forward like a mad thing. (Murdoch)8. He was a tall fellow with a very wide mouth and prematurely bald in front, so that he appeared to have a colossal forehead. (Priestley) 9. The reference was as plain as it was unexpected. (Clark)10. Early as he was, another man was there before him. (Dreiser)11. We're as we're made. (Maugham)12. They were all smiling wid'ely at me as I came toward them. (/. Shaw)13. He was a fattish, worried, untidy man, always looking as if he had slept in the expensive clothes he wore. (Priestley) 14. Mr. Pancks has come down into the Yard to-night, on purpose that you should hear him. (Dickens)15. The most I can say now is that it is very cold in San Francisco, and I am freezing. (Saroyan)16. Give me your promise that this shall be done. (Priestley) 17. In that small room he seemed even bigger than I remembered him. (Maugham)18. Whatever I intend to do I'll do without advice from the outside. (Dreiser)19. Breakfast was not yet over before the men came to put up the marquee. (Mansfield)20. He prized the pencil, because it had been a gift from his mother. (Warren)21. As soon as he had gone, I looked at the clock. (Snow)22. After a sleepless night, he [Cowperwood] wrote his resignation to the chairman of the board of directors, in order that he should be prepared to hand it to him at once. (Dreiser)


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