Exercise 1. Point out the particles and define the group each belongs to.

1. It is just because I want to save my soul that I am marrying for money. (Shaw) 2. Rosa feared this power, but she enjoyed it too. (Murdoch) 3. Oh, doctor, do you think there is any chance? Can she possibly survive this last terrible complication? (Shaw) 4. We merely want to see the girl and take her away. (Dreiser) 5. I shall also try to be there at ten. (Wells) 6. Don't come any nearer. You're at just the right distance. (Bennett) 7. He had taken up with it solely because he was starving. (London)

8. Soames was but following in the footsteps of his father. (Galsworthy)9. I am interested only in man. Life I love and before death I am humble. (Saroyan)10. Just then the telephone rang. (Snow)11. Tom, you'll manage it and if you do I'll give you something ever so nice. (Twain)12. He needed the peculiar sympathy that a woman alone can give. (Locke)13. She ought to have written at once and told htm exactly what had happened. (Wells)14. I think, he's been a simply perfect father, so long as I can remember. (Galsworthy)15. They did not even look at him. (Faulkner)16. Not a career for a man of his ability. (Galsworthy)17. We followed him along the corridor... He never looked back, he never hesitated. (Collins)


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