Exercise 1. State whether the boldfaced word is an adverb, a modal word, or a particle.

1. Miss Whitmore was truly taken by surprise. (Dreiser)2....the time had come in which she must speak to him truly. (Trollope)3. The hall looked exactly as it did when he used to dine there with Jack Herring. (Galsworthy)4. My mother knew so exactly how to dress. 5. You are coming right out into life — facing it all. (Wells)6. She would never persuade them that she had done right. (Wells)7. "You will be sure to come?" said Mr. Snodgrass. "Oh, certainly." (Dickens) 8. Soames smiled. Certainly Uncle James had a way with him. (Galsworthy)9. Lammlein rose. "We have fulfilled our obligations," he said pompously, and yet not quite certainly. (Heym)10. Tom, you'll manage it and if you do I'll give you something ever so nice. (Twain)

11. I don't think I shall ever be afraid of you again, Bessie. (С. Bronte) 12. Fleur having declared that it was "simply too wonderful to stay indoors," they all went out. (Galsworthy)13.-She looked at him simply, directly... (Dreiser)14. They just came in. They are sitting in number 7 booth. (This is America)15. I'll just tap and ask them to come out. (Dreiser) 16. I don't know just what to do. (Dreiser)17. What are they that they should judge us? Yet they do unhesitatingly. (Shaw)18. There was yet another source of difference between us. (Dickens) 19. But the gentleman had not finished his requests yet. (Priestley) 20. "I had another reason for suspecting the deceased woman," he said, "which appears to me to have been stronger still." (Collins) 21. He had no purpose in going about the room, but he was not still a moment. (Dickens)22....Charlie felt sure that she was still somewhere in London. (Priestley) 23. Old Mr. Ablewhite never made his appearance that night. (Collins)24. Mrs. Reed was blind and deaf on the subject. She never saw him strike or heard him abuse me. (Ch. Bronte)25. To be loved beautifully was surely the crown and climax of her being. (Wells)26. Slowly, surely, with the secret inner process that works the destruction of an old tree, the poison of the wounds to his happiness, his will, his pride, had corroded the comely edifice of his philosophy. (Galsworthy)27. In turn, each of these brothers was very different from the other, yet they, too, were alike. (Galsworthy) 28. They said of him that he was too serious. (This is America)


Exercise 2. State whether the boldfaced word is an adverb or a preposition.

1. Somebody outside pulled at the door. (Greene) 2.Outside it was getting dark. (Hemingway)3. It was a nice little place and he liked the high mountain hauling up beyond. (Hemingway)4.Outside, and beyond the road, lay the Park. (Murdoch)5. There, just inside the door, stood a wide, shallow tray full of pots of pink lilies. (Mansfield)6. It was dark inside. (Hemingway)7. He wandered down the street again. (Lindsay)8. He dressed for dinner early and was first down. (Galsworthy)9. I drove back up the narrow road. (Hemingway)10. They mounted up and up, through the musty smell of an old close house, little used, to a large garret bedroom. (Dickens)II. It was just that he had never really looked into a human face before. (Warren)12. The afternoon before the attack was spent in putting the boats ready.


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